Society is already rocked by music

When entering a store, music is one of the first things a customer notices. There are many things that people do with music and just with sound.

Music sets the pace of life

Music matches people's movements in space. It directly affects one's mood and, consequently, one's purchases. Plus, when cleverly combined with colors and scents, you can literally create magic with music. There is nothing better than having a good coffee to the sound of pleasant jazz music. Even better, combine the music and smell of coffee with fresh baked goods right in the bakery, which will help increase sales. However, choosing the right music and matching it to the environment is not easy. The current trend of extremely high music volume in fashion stores, which turn up the volume regardless of their strategy simply because the competition does, can scare off visitors. The choice of music should therefore depend on the brand's strategy.

The Mood is in place

It's important that the perception alignment is consistent with your brand and strategic goals. If the different forms of experience are in perfect harmony and support each other, the overall impact is amplified. It is necessary to start with a thorough analysis of the brand, its strategy and what it wants to achieve with the customer. According to the studies of a melody specialist, music must actively support the brand and its goals. It's not just fun, it's a measurable and effective marketing tool. The main criteria are how the music affects customers, how it affects their perception and behavior when they are already in the store. If the salesperson's goal is to have the customer spend the maximum amount of time in the store, music is chosen and tested to slow down the perception of time.

According to writer Robert Fripp, "Music is so deeply rooted in man that musical systems have evolved independently of each other in civilizations that have not touched each other for millennia.